Corvair Affair

2024 Corvair Affair

Our November 2023 Corvair Affair was a great success! We will be hosting a one-day “mini” Corvair Affair on April 13, 2024, at the First Baptist Church in Mt Dora. Check back shortly for details…

Valve Cover Racer Info

Guidelines for Corvair Valve Cover Racing

CORSA provides the following guidelines as a convenience to event organizers and participants.

Corvair Valve Cover Racing is similar in concept to the commonly-known “Pinewood Derby,” utilizing gravity-power racers competing in head-to-head eliminations on a two-lane track.

Racer Specifications:

  1. Must have Corvair valve cover used in construction.
  2. Gravity powered only, no motors, springs, magnets, jet-propelled, etc.
  3. Maximum weight 4.5 pounds, no minimum weight.
  4. Maximum length 16″ long, maximum width 8″ including tires.
  5. No part of racer to hang over start gate which is 3″ in height.

It is recommended that entrants make their racers with the wheels being the widest part of the Racer.

Race Procedure:

  1. Races will be run in eight-car heats. First eight signed are first heat, second eight cars signed second heat, and so on. Then main event will be the heat winners. If less then 32 cars entered then six-car heats.
  2. No lane hopping or interference with competition. First infraction rerun, second infraction disqualification. Which means one rerun for entire event.
  3. If judges rule a tie, then reruns until a winner is decided. Reruns will be in opposite lane.
  4. Must finish on wheels and in own lane.

Race Track Specifications:

  1. Track launch ramp to be 24 feet long, starting four feet high. Total length to be 40 feet.
  2. Track to have sides and center divider. Outside rails to be one inch high and the center divider to
    be 3/4″ in height.
  3. Starting gate area to be 16″ in length.
  4. Starting gate to be 3″ in height.